The first Turkish Mayor of the United States was elected in New Jersey.

A Turkish-American citizen, Tayfun Selen, was appointed as mayor for the first time in the United States, was also elected as the chairman of the Morris Regional Board of Directors of New Jersey.

New York

Tayfun Selen was elected unanimously as the chairman of the Morris County Board of Directors, a New Jersey county with 500 thousand residents and a strong Turkish-American population. Tayfun Selen took the oath of office. Addressing the guests after the ceremony, the Turkish executive stated that he was an immigrant who came to the United States from Istanbul 25 years ago and worked indiscriminately in every job “to hold his own and gain experience” in his first years.

Selen, who is also an architect and a businessman, said, “I was rapidly promoted to the position of manager in the jobs I worked in. It wasn’t because I had very special abilities, it was because America gave me this unique opportunity,” he said.

He took an oath by placing his hand on the holly book of Qur’an.

In accordance with American law, where other members were sworn in by touching the Bible during the ceremony, the Holy Book of Christianity, Tayfun Selen of Turkish origin took his oath by placing his hand on the Quran held by his wife, Tülin Selen. Selen, who attended the handover ceremony with his team of 7 people at the Morris Regional Administrative Center, where 39 small districts are affiliated, later presided over the first board meeting as the region’s top executive.