Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Aziz Sancar for DNA Studies

Dear Members and Friends,

Today we have the historic opportunity to celebrate and congratulate Turkish born scientist Dr. Aziz Sancar, on his 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry – the pinnacle reward for a scientist whose prolific career has made a huge impact on the well being of people around the world. Dr. Aziz Sancar (Born 8 September 1946) is a Turkish biochemist and molecular biologist specializing in DNA repair, cell cycle checkpoints, and the circadian clock. Aziz Sancar was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for having mapped and explained how the cell repairs its DNA and safeguards its genetic information. Dr. Sancar was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry along with Tomas Lindahl and Paul L. Modrich for their mechanistic studies of DNA repair. On behalf of the Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce & Industry Northwest, we would like to express our greatest gratitude for Dr. Aziz Sancar’s remarkable achievement, honoring his native country, the Republic of Turkey. Congratulations to all Nobel Laureates of 2015!