Biden Presidency presents new opportunities for Turkey US relations

In an interview featured in the December issue of Z-raporu, one of the prominent business publications of Turkey, ATCCI West President Mr. Kurt Gökhan Ölçer talked about how the relations between Turkey and the United States could evolve during the upcoming Joe Biden Presidency.

Mr. Olcer emphasized the United States and Turkey share many common political interests in the region and that will lead to many opportunities for both countries to deepen their long-standing strategic partnership. While many outstanding political issues exist, a new administration in Washington means a fresh perspective for both sides to evaluate their positions.

Mr. Olcer also emphasized the business community of Turkey need to be more proactive and take more initiatives to increase the bilateral trade between Turkey and the United States. “ATCCI is the perfect vehicle for Turkish companies to expand their outreach in the United States. All new ATCCI memberships are free for the first year except for large corporations. I highly encourage Turkish companies to take advantage of this opportunity.”, Mr. Olcer added.

Below are screenshots from the publication. Please visit the official web site of Z-raporu for more details and additional content.